Homes to rent

We offer a wide variety of homes to rent to suit your need and budget across cities, towns and rural communities across the Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re confident our properties could be right up your street – literally. We provide affordable housing from small flats to large family homes, and even a number of sheltered accommodation schemes. All our homes are classed as ‘affordable’ to help support people on low incomes. The law keeps any rent increases to a minimum to help people who may struggle with housing costs.

Unlike privately rented homes, housing is allocated according to your situation. All our available homes to rent are advertised through Choice Based Lettings (CBL) schemes run by local authorities. These schemes enable you to bid on properties that you are interested in and entitled to. You can often bid for homes online, by phone or by text. We’re here to help you through this process.

How does it work?

To apply for a home in your area, you need to register with the scheme run by your local authority’s - or the local authority which covers the area you’re thinking of moving to – and they will assess your eligibility. You’ll need to be able to tell them:

  • How many people there are in your household
  • What type of home you are looking for
  • Why you need to move out of your current home
  • How urgently you need to move

Our homes will be advertised on the relevant CBL schemes each week. If a property has received no successful bids in that time they will then be advertised further on this website. Take a look at our current homes available to rent or use the search function. If you’re currently renting from us and want to move to another one of our homes, take a look at our moving home page. 

Every single home is covered by Our Homes’ Promise, which sets out the standard customers can expect from us and the quality of homes available.

Find your local CBL scheme

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