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Gas safety in your home

Why are gas safety checks important?

Gas safety checks keep you and your family safe, also your neighbours safe in their homes.

If gas appliances are not checked over time they may become unsafe and can produce carbon monoxide. This is extremely poisonous, you can’t see or smell it but it can cause some serious risks to your health in relatively short periods of time, and potentially death.

By having your gas boiler regularly serviced by a qualified engineer, it is less likely to break down when you need it most and it will run more efficiently and can reduce the cost on your energy bills.

What will happen when my gas safety check is due?

When your yearly gas safety check is due we will write to you at least two weeks in ahead of the due date with an appointment date and time. Either you or another adult must be available at your home to let the engineer in to your home to carry out the service. If you can’t make the appointment let us know on 0800 027 2057 as soon as you can and we’ll re-arrange the day and time. We can arrange times around the ‘school run’ for example.  

What happens during a gas safety check?

Your gas boiler service and safety checks will be carried out by one of our Gas Safe registered Prime engineers. A full gas safety check should take approximately 45 minutes.

Our Prime engineer will service your gas boiler, check your gas fire is working correctly, check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm. If our engineer has found something to be unsafe, this will either be repaired or will made safe and arrange for a replacement.

Our Prime engineer will also visually check other gas appliances in your home like your cooker, if found to be unsafe he will disconnect the appliance and if owned by you it is your responsibility to get this repaired and reconnected by a suitable Gas Safe engineer.

Right of access

As an Acis tenant it is a condition of your tenancy to allow us access into your home to carry out a gas service and safety checks on gas appliances in your home.Gas safety and keeping you safe in your home is very important to us and is something we take seriously. If you don’t allow our gas engineers into yourhome to carry out gas servicing and safety checks we will take legal action against you. 

Gas emergency numbers 

If you smell gas in your home 

If you think you smell gas, have a gas leak or carbon monoxide fumes are escaping from a gas appliance, call the gas emergency helpline immediately on 0800 111 999 or call our customer contact centre on 0800 027 2057. 

Gas safe advise if you smell gas you should: 

  • Call the gas emergency helpline immediately 
  • turn on or off any electrical appliances and do not use a door bell
  • smoke, or use matches or a naked flame
  • open doors and windows
  • turn off any gas appliances 
  • turn off the main gas supply

To download and print off an info sheet please click here.

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